About us

Find out more about our company and history


All of our work at Orthopädie Schärer revolves around people and their well-being and has done for nearly 100 years.

Marco Schärer and his competent team are passionate about and dedicated to supporting people’s mobility and independence day in and day out.

Whether that's following an accident, surgery or for congenital anomalies, you can be sure that the oldest orthopaedic product store in Lucerne will have the right solution for you.

Working with us means that you will be able to benefit from the extensive experience of our professional team and close collaboration with hospitals, doctors and physiotherapists.

Our workshop

Made by hand – from the plaster cast to the finished prosthetic device

Prosthetics production is one of the few jobs that is still done by hand.

Here at Orthopädie Schärer, our highly respected and skilled professionals have been producing various orthopaedic aids in Lucerne’s Theaterstrasse since the turn of the century.

In those days, we were using leather, linen, steel and plaster, all of which have since been replaced with the most cutting edge materials and substances, such as silicone and carbon, which is extremely strong.

Every one of our orthopaedic aids are carefully adapted to our customers needs.

This is because we want our

  • prosthetic devices (arm, breast, leg)
  • braces & supports (toes, feet, lower leg and/or upper leg, knee, finger, wrist, elbow, shoulder, torso, neck)
  • spinal bracescorsets

to fit like a glove to make sure they ease any pain.

Our supports and braces, such as our carbon splints, are widely used to ease and help with a wide range of conditions and have also helped many a top footballer and Olympian to perform at their best.

Our services go far beyond the provision of product advice and sales:

We also repair and refurbish orthopaedic aids to make them last longer.


Our customer base has not just become bigger – but also more diverse.

And, Orthopädie Schärer's customers now include a number of well-known top athletes.